Natural Resources Database


The Natural Resources Database software was developed for the Bohol Environment Management Office, Provincial Government of Bohol , Philippines, by Richard D. Alexander, with the assistance of Voluntary Service Overseas. This was supported through the Skills for Community-based Resource Utilization and Management (SCRUM) program.

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SCRUM was a four-year project partly funded by the European Union (EU) and the British Embassy. The goal of the project was to promote effective resource management by communities so as to ensure food security and well-being, alleviate poverty and prevent further depletion of valuable natural resource in which their livelihoods depend.

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The NRDB project was extended to the Sustainable Development Foundation, Thailand, under a VSO regional programme. SPARK (Sharing and Promotion of Awareness and Regional Knowledge), a five-year programme, launched in January 2000, to promote community-based approaches to natural resource management and sustainable livelihoods in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand.

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Further development of NRDB Pro has been supported by Conservation International as part of the Palawan Corridor Strategy Development Project, Philippines.

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Development of training materials and provision of support for NRDB Pro has been undertaken by the PEP Network as part of their Community Based Monitoring System.