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RasterAnalyser is a GIS tool for Windows that enables you to rapidly calculate area intersects between two or more Shape or MapInfo files.

For example you can calculate the:

  • Total area of polygons from one layer intersecting individual polygons in a second layer.
  • Combined area of polygons (with overlaps removed) from multiple layers intersecting polygons in a second layer.


  • Input files can be in ESRI shapefile format or MapInfo table format.
  • Supports multiple input or intersect layers.
  • Input layers may be combined, intersected or processed individually.
  • Intersect layer polygons may be grouped by attribute values
  • Raster processing is performed on a grid of 5m x 5m pixels by default.
  • Intersect areas are calculated in hectares and output to a text file

New in Version 0.7:

  • Supports double as well as single pivot (multiple group by)
  • Faster displaying of results for large outputs


Graph of relative performance, raster versus vector processing


User guide and technical release notes (version 0.7)


Screenshot Output

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